The most Popular 12  Korean swear words


I don’t want you to get in trouble.

I don’t like fighting and Korean swear words

i’m like kind of loving peace


but if you walking around the street in Korea and hear you somebody tells you like those Korean swear words

then you gotta be fight


if you just stand and listening like stupid do nothing

they think you are ass

so here’s the reason why i’m showing you this for letting you know some Korean swear words

if you know this , then it would be helpful to you


fuck : 시발(ssibal)

bitch : 망할년(mang-hal-neun)

dick : 좃(jot)

asshole : 씹새(ssib-se)

son of bitch(SOB) : 개새끼 (gae-se-kki)

fucking asshole : 시팔새키 (sibal-se-gi)

little man : 존마니 (jhon-ma-ni)

go fuck yourself : 좃까(jot-Kka)

suck my dick : 좃이나 빨아라(jot-si-na-bbal-a-ra)

get the fuck off : 꺼져(ggeo-jeo)

dumb shit, stupid retard, bonehead : 멍청한 새끼(meong-chang-han-se-ki)

ass : 바보(babo)