Learn Korean for 1 cent



We will answer whatever you want to know if you left your questions
But if you need audio file for your question
then you have to pay 1 cent via paypal per a phrase
(we recommend you to ask us bunch of questions like 5 or ten)

you don’t need to learn Korean from beginning
you don’t need to learn that crap like how is the weather,my name is Kim etc..

you are smart learner
you don’t need to make this hard
you can save the time and money
don’t waste your time and money for useless
we know what you really want to learn

you can learn phrases that you’ve been looking for
only thing you need to do is just choosing the phrases you want to learn or speak
and ask us
then we’ll give you whatever you want

We have several native Korean teachers who can speak English fluently
we are providing Ebook for study and audio files for pronunciation and we are also have feed back program to correct your problem ( if you need it then ask us )

Just learn Korean very easily and comfortable with here Hello-e1.com