How to order in Korean

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How to order in Korean

May I have a Menu?
-메뉴판좀 주실래요? (mae-new-pan , jom, ju-sil, le-yo?)

**mae-new-pan = Menu board


May I have your order, please?
-주문 하시겠습니까? (ju-moon ha-ci-get-sum-ni-ca?)


Right answer for “May I have your order, please?”
-yes(네 nae) / no (아니요 a-ni-yo)


Are you ready to order?
-주문 할래요? (ju-moon hal-le-yo?)


Right answer for “Are you ready to order??”
– I’ll have this one(이걸로 할게요 e-gul-ro-hal-gae-yo) / I’ll have SSamgubsal(삼겹살로 할게요 Ssamgubsal ro hal-gae-yo)