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 How to order food in Korean
is this spicy?
-이거 매워요?(e-go  mae-woo-yo?)
**e-go : this
  jua-go : that
please hold carrot and pepper
-당근하고 고추는 빼 주세요 (dangun ha-go gochu nun BBae-ju-se-yo)
**dangun : carrot , gochu : pepper
for here? or to go?
-드시고 가세요?(du-si-go ga-se-yo?) 아니면(a-ni-myun) 가지고 가세요?(ga-zi-go ga-se-yo)
** a-ni-myun : or
to go
가지고 갈게요(ga-zi-go gal-gae-yo)
for here
먹고 갈거에요(mok-go gal-go-ae-yo)

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