[Hello-e1] oh my ghost korean pronunciation practice


let’s practice korean though K-drama

“oh my ghostee”


It’s very interesting Conversation

Between guy and girl


I recorded some scripts again slowly

so it could be helpful to practice Korean pronounciation.


If you want to listen my record.

Click the down below my personal Blog Link.

thank you :)



< a native slowly recorded ver >


I don’t really say something like this,

내 이런 얘기를 진짜 안하는데


you’re a loyal person

너 요리 소질 있어


ahha I know that too

아하하 저도 알아요


oh my



ayyy you’re already drunk

아아아 사람 벌써 취했네


hey! who said i’m drunk?!

야(hey means 야(ya)), 취하기는 ?!


hey, I’m strong in drinking alchol

야, 나 술 겁나 쌔


strong? really strong?

쌔요? 진짜 쌔요?


yes. I don’t even drink 10% of it

그럼. 나 아직 10%도 안 먹었어


so should we have 2nd round?

그럼 우리 한잔 더 할까요?


of cource



author : I’m Korean native who help friends from aboard to learn Korean