make Korean friends online

make korean friends

we are living in amazing world.

it’s not easy to make Asian friends if you are live so far from them just decades ago.

but things got changed , so many apps pops up everyday.

it become piece of cake to find Korean friends online.

(it’s still hard to find if you are not living in Asia though)

as I told you that if you are not living in Korea.

it’s very hard to find Korean friends in real world.

but there are tons of Korean guys who wait for friends from aboard just like you.

so , I recommend you that use some good apps for it.

first , install some apps (like meeff or hellotalk)

before stating talking, you have to keep in mind few things about korean friends.

they won’t wait for you for long time.

second, if you are not popular at all, it’s time to consider to use fake photo(beautiful girls or boys)

or make your face more attractive. (get SNOW app)

I know this not right thing to do, sometimes it’s gonna super hard to find guys who want to be your friend.

third, to be a lover as soon as possible

once you become his lover , he will try to help you learn Korean.

it doesn’t mean that you have to be their real lover.

only in online.

make Korean friends online

forth , use audio chat as much as you can ( never use video chat)

fifth , if you got a question , ask to learn Korean for 1cent

sixth , accept that they could have a lot of other friends just like you.

so do not try to own them.

the more you try to have him , the more he’s trying to get away

if you follow this steps( make Korean friends online) maybe you guys would have a realationship with Korean friends or you can go further.

good luck.

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